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Welcome to Rosary Private School


Rosary Private School

The school has always achieved the best results and the highest grades with many first ranks in the whole of the U.A.E. This has been achieved due to God’s blessings, the support of the Ministry of Education and the constant hard work and devotion of the sisters and teachers.

The school prides itself in offering the students high Eastern traditional values. Its goal is to raise a generation of highly motivated, well mannered individuals inspired by the Holy Scriptures.

The students who will depart from the school will be taught to respect all religious values based on their respective norms.

They will be taught to be tolerant of others, to be open minded and to treat all individuals with respect disregarding religious and socio-economic differences.

The Rosary School students will be well educated, well mannered individuals armed with high moral values.


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The Rosary Private School


Address: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Tel: +971 2 445 9237
Email: rosary@emirates.net.ae
Website: http://www.rosaryuae.com/

Rosary Private School

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