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Welcome to Rising school


Rising School will be an international world class school dedicated to fostering a passion for learning. Rising School will provide rich, relevant, international and intercultural learning opportunities that will result in the individual growth of each child. There will be an expectation that all students will excel and that innovative learning and teaching programs will promote individual excellence.

The starting point for the school will therefore be education in values. Rising School will help each student to understand their identity, origins, faith, history and mother tongue. It will promote respect for universal values such as the dignity of all peoples, races and faiths. Rising School will plan, promote and provide leadership opportunities for all students, through curricular and para-curricular activities, through voluntary work and through initiatives and opportunities. Rising School will celebrate Dubai diversity of cultures, backgrounds, abilities and skills.

Rising School will deliver a holistic, US curriculum, combined with rich opportunities of sports and other life enhancing activities, delivered in state of the art facilities by the best educators, using the most current and future thinking teaching methodologies available. This creates open and inviting opportunities to expand and develop the 21st Century skills such as innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, critical thinking, and many others.

Rising School will provide a safe, secure and personalized learning environment that not only encourages and welcomes family involvement and participation, but also celebrates the multicultural diversity of both its own population and that of the wider global community. Rising School will prepare Emirati young people for their role in the global society of Dubai. Through meeting leading international and local figures and young people in other schools in the world, they will gain the knowledge, experiences, and skills needed for decision-making, especially in business and government.
At Rising School, students will build their academic skills and encounter challenging academic material. The School will have the goal of ensuring that every student has the opportunity to gain access to one of the world’s leading universities. This will be achieved through employing and supporting the best teachers, by establishing close, working relationships with the top universities, by equipping students with research and analytical skills, and by providing high quality career counselling. There will also be provisions for gifted and talented program which will be dedicated and effective to our high performing students.

Sporting activities at the school will be essential in the development of student commitment and tenacity. Activities provide multiple opportunities to develop students’ physical health and social interaction, also enhancing the holistic development of each student by offering teamwork and leadership opportunities.

Contact Info

Address: Nad Al Sheba, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Phone:  +971 4 883 5389

Email: info@risingschool.ae

Rising school

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