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Welcome to Modern Indian School Dibba

Core Beliefs

  • All our children are capable of becoming high achievers in life.
  • Our children’s academic achievement and wellbeing comes first.

Core values

  • We hold high expectations for our students
  • We base every decision on what is best for our students
  • We expect excellence in teachers who serve and mould them and hold them accountable


Provide suitable learning environment and facilities to help students discover and develop their capabilities. Provide appropriate and updated curriculum to prepare students for their further education. To inculcate values and practices such as patriotism, faithfulness, honesty, forgiveness, respect for all, tolerance and the love to assist the needy. Encourage students to look after their physical and mental health as well as to adhere to healthy eating habits. Help students to appreciate and preserve their natural environment. Provide all staff members with opportunities such as seminars, workshops and lectures to enrich and develop their capabilities in technology, education and other aspects.

Contact Info

Diba Al Fujairah,Fujairah, UAE Tel.No:+971 9 2444074

Modern Indian School Dibba

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