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Welcome to Iranian Towheed Girls School

Both the boys (with 850 students) and the girls (with 257 students) sections of the Towheed Iranian School received their first KHDA inspections in May 2012. The girls section of the school has received an "Acceptable" rating for the past 5 years while the boys section has recieved "Good" for the last two years. 

With 25 teachers, not including the principal and a senior leadership team, the school has a relatively good student to teacher ratio of 1:15. Students are grouped in 17 classes. All students are of Iranian nationality and a good feature of the school according to the KHDA is the attainment and progress in science across all phases of the school.

Both teaching and assessment are said to be variable however, and a KHDA recommendation for continued improvement.

The school naturally follows an Iranian curriculum with students taking national examinations at the end of Grades 5, 8, and 12. The school does not publish its results.

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Iranian Towheed Girls School


Address: Al-Karama

Tel: +971-4-3961234

Email: dbrtohidd@yahoo.com


Iranian Towheed Girls School

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