Bani Yas International Private School
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Welcome to Bani Yas International Private School

Bani Yas International Private School

A sincere welcome to you through the website of the school, which we hope will help students and parents especially and society in general to know about the school in terms of its history and its achievements and its role in the development of generations which is proud of its past and work for a prosperous future for her country. At BIPS, we believe that lifelong learning right for everyone, and that everyone has the characteristics and abilities that qualify him to learn well. So we focus in our programs and our plans on inclusiveness, capacity development and skills by self-learning, consistent with the twenty-first century.


Building a promising educational environment that stimulates students to develop their abilities and talents that lead them to rich horizons full of excellence and innovation. 


Work on preparing a generation aware of its responsibilities, loyal to its homeland, proud of its past and present, possess modern tools of knowledge to enhance its talents, abilities, and to build its future in an attractive educational environment that depends on effective student and distinguished teacher.

Contact Info

Baniyas International Private School


Adress: Baniyas, Abu Dhabi
Tel: +971 2 582 7555
Email: info@adbips.com
Website: http://adbips.com

Bani Yas International Private School

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