Al Maarifa Private School
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Welcome to Al Maarifa Private School

Al Maarifa Private School

Vision of the School
MIS, which has been an educational and cultural landmark of Sharjah, is a community that motivates its students to become creative, life-long learners by providing them with logical thinking, scientific research methods, human rights principles, tolerance and ethics of global citizenship that lead to peace for humanity at large. 
We spare no effort to make our institution a great Example for international schools.
Mission Statement
MIS is a caring, large educational institution whose professional teaching staff and management provide its community of learners with values, supportive learning environment and up-to-date curricula that meet the students’ needs and whole-personality development. 
Our school, which highly respects the diverse cultural backgrounds of its stakeholders within a philosophical approach of internationalism, is keen on maintaining high expectations from its teachers as well as its students as a means to prepare learners to take thoughtful decisions in a real-life context and in an ever-changing world.

Contact Info

Tel: + 971 6 501 4400 

Email: Info@almarifa-intsch.ae 
Website: www.almarifa-intsch.ae

Al Maarifa Private School

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