Al Kamal American International School
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Welcome to Al Kamal American International School

Al Kamal American International School

When we founded Al Kamal American International School, our intention was to provide a unique experience for students, faculty and parents. Generated from ideas and energy, Al Kamal has grown but never veered from our founding principles. Values are our foundation. We believe that providing an excellent academic experience without simultaneously building character is both myopic and hollow. Al Kamal educates learners in ways far beyond academics. Relationships amongst our three main pillars (students, staff and parents) are strong and interactive. Students interact with other age groups, are taught acceptance, respect and, most importantly, ethics and honesty. Self-confidence and self-advocacy are continuously cultivated at every grade level. Although Al Kamal has increased in numbers, our enrolment remains near our desired capacity. We intend to maintain our intimate and nurturing size; every student is significant. Our high expectations of Al Kamal students are no less than we place on our staff and ourselves. We are proud that the Al Kamal community still responds to the triumphs and challenges by fostering family-like relationships amongst all. Constructed on a foundation of transferable and core human values, rather than trends and materialism, Al Kamal American International School remains strong. Our graduates are a testament to this strength as they promote our core values of integrity, academics and community in every aspect of their adult lives.

Working together to promote the UAE k-12 educational system, investing in human capital to build a knowledge-based society while enriching citizenship values.

Pioneering in student post-graduation preparation towards a productive life in a dynamic world to ensure sustainable development for the UAE society.

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Tel: +971 656 9870

Email: info@akaisschool.com
Website: http://www.akaisschool.com/

Al Kamal American International School

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