Al Ahliya Private School- Ghubaiba Branch
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Welcome to Al Ahliya Private School- Ghubaiba Branch

Al Ahliya Private School

Welcome to Rehab Private Sharjah private schools, the Doha Atefio in the shadows of science students hungry to provide Bzad science and knowledge, and we are pleased you, visiting the beloved wander throughout our schools reap from each grove of orchards fragrant flower, smelt smell everywhere, and savor the fruit delicacies of fruit ripe greeting from the heart to you, O visiting, and that our hearts and our hearts are open to you.


educated generation that is able to keep up with the age requirements of preparation 

  •  to meet the wishes of the parents and contribute with the home in the upbringing of a generation capable of taking responsibility and self - reliance 
  • implantation and development of Islamic values and the consolidation of Arab traditions inherent in the hearts of our students and students 
  • students discover gifted and talented , and a database for follow - up and care for the preparation and care for students weak  and improve their

Contact Info

Address: Ghubaiba, Sharjah

Tel: +971 6 566 8222
Website: http://www.ahliyaschools.com

Al Ahliya Private School- Ghubaiba Branch

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