Al Adhwa Private School
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Welcome to Al Adhwa Private School

Al Adhwa Private School

The school educates students from many nations of the world. While catering to the demands of providing excellent education to them; it has a cosmopolitan approach, free from any national limitations and prejudices. Being one of the premier institutes in Al Ain, the system takes the best from the Arab, Western and American culture. It tries to shape the personality of each student so that he/she is ready to face the challenges of the ever-changing world. As the school has multi-cultural students, it effectively merges the cultural and religious educational standards of U.A.E and the international standards.

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Al Adhwa Private School


Address: Falaj Hazza, Al Ain
Tel: +971 3 782 8870
Email: Aladhwa_pvt@adec.ac.ae
Website: www.aladhwa-sch-net

Al Adhwa Private School

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