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Welcome to Tappy Toes Nursery

Nursery is managed by Sophia Dennis and Sonia Subash. As mothers with high values and aspirations for our children, we were so determined that a day-care nursery offered the same, we decided to create one. Here, love and encouragement go hand in hand with inspiration and achievement in a Montessori setting.

Children are natural learners. Given the right environment, they will flourish, excel and have tremendous fun. We wanted our nursery to provide that environment in a calm, productive atmosphere. We base education of the individual at the heart of what we do, so that each child finds a lifelong love of learning and skills for school and the future.

Their desire to learn comes from within and we ensure that we recruit many experienced and well-qualified staff to guide each child every step of the way. Continuous professional development is encouraged and required, so that our staff are the very best examples we can offer your child. We work closely with you, the parent, so that your child gets the most from these early years, a period when the most concentrated development in life takes place.

Contact Info

Address: G4, Mohammed Abdulla Al Khayel Building,

Al Karama, Dubai, UAE,

Telephone: +971 4 345 0333

Website: http://www.tappytoesnursery.com

Email: admissions@tappytoesnursery.com

Tappy Toes Nursery

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