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Welcome to English Garden Nursery - Al Ain

We wish to introduce you and your family/baby to the newest 'early learning and child care centre'

THE ENGLISH GARDEN NURSERY in the district of Um Gha'afa.

'The English Garden', undoubtedly a new player on the block, but has an impressive history of more than 25 years of serving the community of Al Ain, specializing in raising children from the age of 3 months to 18 years and sending them directly to the world's best universities!

It is essential that you as a parent understand very well the structure of a nursery curriculum, as you begin a journey of discovery of your child's social, emotional, physical and cognitive developmental needs and, how the curriculum encourages building up confidence & enhances self esteem of your child.

EYFS originates from UK and gets a strong welcome in the UAE's educational sector, to create immense opportunities for its' young citizens. EYFS – 'Early Years Foundation Stage' has a curriculum based on children's social, emotional, physical and cognitive development revolving around the development of Language & literacy and Mathematical skills.

The English Garden Nursery believes in the philosophy of EYFS and thus follows the same curriculum
This approach gives the young learners an edge over the others and puts them on the road to excellence, and they march ahead to become the valuable assets to their nation.

Contact Info

http://www.englishgardennursery.comEnglish Garden Nursery

Behind Civil Defence,
Near Al Somow School

Um Ghafa, Al Ain

Al Ain



Phone:  +971 3 766 4748


Email:  info@englishgardennursery.com


English Garden Nursery - Al Ain

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