Dubai Japanese School and Sharaf Group collaborate on a renovation project

Dubai Japanese School and Sharaf Group collaborate on a renovation

Dubai Japanese School announced that it would be collaborating with Sharaf Group on a project to renovate learning facilities in Dubai and Japanese communities of the UAE. The goal is to create an environment conducive to modern and sustainable learning.

The School is committed to providing a quality Japanese education for the UAE's Japanese community and its families.

The renovation will begin in 2025 and include state-of-the-art facilities and upgraded classes.

The Dubai Japanese School says that this long-term strategic partnership with Sharaf Group reflects the "shared vision" for fostering educational quality while adapting Japanese education and Dubai's vision in education.

The School's philosophy promotes an independent spirit, autonomy, and physical and mental health. It also encourages internationalism and the ability to make decisions independently and act.

Mr. Sharafuddin Sharaf, Vice chairman of Sharaf Group, said: "As our group embarks on this transformational journey with the Dubai Japanese School, we recognize that supporting the Japanese community of Dubai is an integral part of our Corporate social responsibility. Our collaboration with the School aligns with Dubai's visionary dedication to providing quality education for Dubai, which is among the top 10 cities in the world. This is one of the goals of Dubai Social Agenda 33. We enrich the minds of the young and contribute to Dubai's cultural diversity by investing in the educational well-being of the Japanese community. Together, we do more than build school facilities. We foster social connections, nurture potential, and fulfill the promise of an inclusive, brighter future for everyone ."

The Dubai Japanese School Board Chairman, Takashi Séimiya, stated that the Sharaf Group's support and cooperation will help the project "lead to the next educational level and help students achieve their potential by creating a modern and sustainable learning environment."

Satoko Kato said, "We are incredibly grateful for the Sharaf Group's steadfast and unwavering support in rebuilding and improving the Dubai Japanese School facilities. Their commitment to sustainability and education over a long period aligns with the mission we have set for ourselves: to provide a high-quality education and enriched learning environment for students.

We look forward to the positive impact of our renewed School on Dubai's entire community. Our School is committed to promoting moral education and sharing it with the community of Dubai ."

The Japanese Consul-General, IMANISHI Jun, was present during the signing of the collaboration between the Sharaf Group and the School.